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Wojsko Ksiestwa Warszawskiego. Artyleria, inzynierowie, saperzy.
Army of the Duchy of Warsaw. Artillery, Engineers, Sappers

Author: Ryszard Morawski, Andrzej Nieuważny
Publisher: KARABELA D.Chojnacka Warsaw 2011
ISBN: 978-83-61229-02-5
Pages: 232, 3 centrefolds, 47 colour plates, 6 black and white drawings
Format: 34 x 24 cm (9.8 x 13.6 in), hardcover
Language: Polish, descriptions and summary in English, French and German

Price: 37 Euro

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ContinentsPriority mailSurface mail
Europe25 Euro19 Euro
North America and Africa32 Euro19 Euro
South America and Asia35 Euro19 Euro
Australia and Oceania47 Euro19 Euro



This album is the continuation of two volumes published earlier by Bellona. The first one, which appeared 25 years ago, was dedicated to selected cavalry formations (Chasseurs, Cuirassiers, Hussars and Cracov Cavalry). The generals and staffs were the subject of the second volume published four years later. The present album includes wonderful gouaches by Ryszard Morawski, a painter of military subjects.
Andrzej Nieuważny, a well-known historian who specializes in the Napoleonic Era, is the author of the text. Our current offering is the first publication to extensively describe mounted and foot artillery, equipment trains, engineers, sappers and pontoniers. The colour plates illustrate not only the uniforms of these formations, but also numerous artillery and sapper hardware. The author analyzes the organization of the artillery units, showcasing important commanders and officers and describes their part in Napoleon’s campaigns between 1807 and 1815.