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Accordion fold card

Price: 3,00 €

painted by Ryszard Morawski
Leght: 680 mm
18 illustrations (format 105 x 75 mm)

Description in Polish and English

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ContinentsPriority mail
Europe4 Euro
North America and Africa4 Euro
South America and Asia4 Euro
Australia and Oceania4 Euro


List of illustrations:

1. Napoleon Bonaparte; 
2. Prince Joseph Poniatowski; 
3. General Jan Henryk Dąbrowski; 
4. Grenadiers of 5th Infantry Regiment; 
5. Kettledrummer of Light Cavalry of the Guard; 
6. Officer of Lithuanian Tartars (Duchy of Warsaw); 
7. Sapeur of infantry regiment (Duchy of Warsaw); 
8. Trumpeter of 10th Hussars Regiment (Duchy of Warsaw); 
9. Lieutenant of the Vistula Lancers; 
10. General Joseph Chłopicki; 
11. Fusilier of the Vistula Legion; 
12. Trumpeter of Light Cavalry of the Guard; 
13. Commanders of Light Cavalry of the Guard;  
14. Colonel Joseph Hornowski; 
15. Officer of horse artillery; 
16. Drum Major and drummer of infantry regiment (Duchy of Warsaw); 
17. Maréchal des logis of the Vistula Lancers; 
18. Trooper of the 14th Cuirassiers Regiment (Duchy of Warsaw).